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Serverless Architecture

Have you ever wondered how the AWS Lambda functions or Cloud Functions by Google or other Functions as a Service work? or is serverless architecture really serverless? or how a third-party service manages your complete backend service code in containers?  In this post, we are going to understand the serverless architecture and...

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Basics of Web App Architecture

Have you ever wondered how the data flow takes place in all the web applications? or how the distributed systems works? or how the large applications with hundreds of services are managed individually? In present days, even the minimal viable products or proofs of work can also have a combination of many different services and use several different integrations...

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Application Programming Interface

Have you ever wondered how can the frontend and the backend of an application communicate with each other? Or how do different apps extract data from other apps and websites like YouTube or Twitter? All the applications that consist of a separate backend and frontend, have to use APIs ( Application Programming Interfaces ) to communicate...

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Backend Development  - The Server Side

Have you ever wondered how big data websites work so fast? Or where is your user data stored on different social media sites? Or perhaps how the logic of the websites is created? In case you have ever wondered about any of these questions, you have landed on the right post. Most of the applications, websites, and even software, that you may be using effortlessly in your daily life, that lets you chat with your friends, create your school presentation...

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